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Dennis Huffman, Owner of Your Next Funding, was called to the merchant processing industry with a purpose to better the lives of hardworking entrepreneurial business owners. For over 15 years, he has been fine tuning processing solutions through his vast insight gained over years of experience in the industry. Dennis excels in helping business owners achieve their goals, maximize profitability, reliability, and efficiency. 

Through processing industry expertise, strong relationships, along with a team of active support specialist, Dennis is well-equipped to handle any situation brought to him and his team. His specialties include: 

  • Next day funding and real-time online data and web access at no extra cost

  • Unique ability to connect with multiple processing platforms for your specific needs

  • Pass-thru interchange with no hidden fees, markups, or rate increases

  • Seamless integration with most POS systems and fair equipment pricing; fast delivery

  • Easy to understand spreadsheet cost comparison

  • Lowest cost to integrate with for e-commerce merchants

  • Transaction monitoring and PCI compliance and security & fraud prevention.

  • Donation of 10% of residual profits to your favorite charity and/or partner referral program

  • Advanced reporting for multiple location owners through innovative software solutions

Above all else, he hangs his hat on the honesty and integrity that he has built his business upon. His goal is to build long lasting relationships with business owners. He is so thankful and appreciative of those with whom he has proven himself the opportunity to earn their business.

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